Does it seem like more of your friends and clients are dieting these days? It’s not just your imagination. A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Center for Health Statistics shows that 17.1% of U.S. adults were on some form of special diet for weight loss or other health reasons on any given day during 2015–2018. That’s up from about 14% a decade earlier.

The increase comes as obesity rates have continued to climb. The report found that 23% of Americans with obesity said they were on a diet, followed by 17% of people who were overweight and 8% of people with normal or low weight. More women reported being on a diet than men did, and people 40 and older dieted more than those ages 20–39. Notably, the number of people following a low-fat diet decreased during this time as dieters zeroed in on carbs as the enemy.

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