It’s heartening to know that some progressive physicians are coming around to the idea of scribbling out exercise prescriptions for patients. Perhaps even more encouraging is the fact that doctors are also giving patients marching orders that include daily doses of “prescription produce”: fresh fruits and vegetables from nature’s apothecary.

Healthcare providers in Maine and Massachusetts are providing $1-per-day vouchers from local farmers’ markets in an effort to fight obesity in low-income families. Created by Wholesome Wave—a national coalition of farmers’ markets whose mission is to “nourish neighborhoods by supporting increased production and access to healthy, fresh, and affordable locally grown food for the well-being of all”—this pilot program hopes to elevate consumption of fresh fruits and veggies by providing all family members in each household with one serving a day from local farmers.

The program will take baseline measures of weight and body mass index, blood pressure and blood sugar. Data also will be collected on physical activity. Although just 100 families are benefiting from the vouchers now, plans to scale the program to reach more states and families are underway. Find out more at