Testimonial for PROPTA by Melissa B

Hi Joe!

It was great finally meeting you yesterday. I loved the class and can't wait till next Saturday. Mike is an awesome teacher - he makes it fun and interesting. Great influence and knows his stuff to the max!

In my experience with hiring personal trainers for myself.... I have learned what NOT to do -and- what to do. My personal trainer looked great, knew the fitness/health/nutrition industry verbatim BUT was not a positive influence towards me -and- talked about her personal problems while I was busting myself in my workout sessions with her. This was really quite annoying and I dreaded going to my sessions plus thinking about the money I spent to be put in a negative environment with her (I bought a package with her - it was around $70 a session if I remember correctly). Basically I was stuck with her till my package ended. Later I found out that most of her clients never lasted... apparently this could be why. Chalk this one up for the class to not do!
I definitely need to obtain my CPR license thru you. I had a CPR license when I was employed as a program director with Bally Health Spas but it expired long ago.

Anyways...attached is my headshot photo as you requested.

- by Melissa B

Ventura, CA, US