Place the feet a little wider than hip distance apart. Slowly bend the knees and squat down, being careful not to let the knees extend forward beyond the alignment of the feet. Keep weight in your heels are really focus on not letting arches drop in (think about your pinky toe to your heel being sealed to the ground.) Place a folded yoga mat or blanket under heels if arches drop inwards. Squatting down as far as possible, wiggle the shoulders in between the knees, using the elbows to push back against the inner knees, keeping the hands at the chest in with the back straight and feet flat to the floor. While in the pose, focus on thighs opening up, weight in heels, lengthening spine (don't let shoulders hunch forward) and engaging core muscles. To come out of the pose, you could either (a) push down through the thighs and glutes and stand back up, (b) sit on the floor and then stand up, or (c) stretch the hands out on the floor in front of you to give you a bit of extra help in getting up.