TRX Hip Hinge with rotation


Strap Adjustment: Fully Lengthened Position: Stand Facing (SF) Start: Start by grabbing the handles palms facing down and you will standing with "zombie arms" making sure not fowardly slump the shoulders but to engage them by popping the chest forward and keeping the shoulders in there back pocket. Feet wider than shoulder width apart. Movement: Push your butt and hips back towards the wall behind you allowing your head to fall between your shoulders and resembling a V formation. Do not lock your knees out. Pause and then slightly bend at the right knee, while extending the left knee. Rotate your torso to the left side. If your traps are by your chin, shurg those shoulder done out of your ears. Your head should still be between your arms and you should feel a nice stretch on you side and through your oblique. Return: Rotate back to center by bending at the left knee and swinging arms gently back to middle. Come to standing position by thrusting your hip forward and pulling through your back and arms.