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IDEA Food and Nutrition Tips - May 2020

Nutrition Tools
Tools to Keep the Fire Burning SPONSORED
The alarm clock rings but these days you need a little more before you’re ready to get up and rule the day. Here are some tips to help you and your clients stay motivated to progress towards fitness and nutrition goals.
Nutrition Goals during Change
Nailing Nutrition Goals in the Midst of the New Normal SPONSORED
You’ve come to realize that your best health starts at home. And now that you’ve got your routine down, you’re ready to work towards building healthy habits. Get inspired to own your schedule and your plate, and prepare for success.
Greek Cucumber Walnut Bites
Power Up Your Snacks with Walnuts SPONSORED
Satisfy sweet and savory cravings with a handful of walnuts.
Mushroom Quinoa Curry Burger
Recipe for Health: Mushroom-Quinoa Curry Burgers
Step into spring with this delicious meatless burger.
Childhood Activity and Veggies
Physical Activity in Youth Leads to More Veggies in Adulthood cec
A long-term study shows that positive habits age well.
Nutrition prescription
Docs Need a Prescription for Nutrition 101
Harvard report urges nutrition education in medical school.