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Fit Tips – March 2022

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Isometric Training Can Help With Hypertension
Leg work may be the exception.
Watching TV and Adult Fitness
Study shows relationship between watching TV as a child and aerobic fitness later in life.
More Exercise to Combat Heart Disease
Study finds no upper limit to benefits.
Exercise Benefits in a Pill? cec
Researchers look at how molecular messages affect eye health.
New Insight: Exercise and Brain Health cec
Physical activity offers cognitive benefits later in life.
Lower-Back Pain and High-Intensity Training cec
Gains from HIT last longer than moderate-intensity training.
The Value of Athlete Well-Being
Survey highlights lifestyle practices and support.
Major Life Events Impact Physical Activity cec
Big changes can affect heart health.
The Creative Process and Movement
Walking—and even moving while seated—may encourage new ideas.
The Gut Microbiome and Indoor Cycling cec
The relationship between high-intensity exercise and a healthier microbiome.