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Fit Tips – March 2022

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Added Sugar and Cancer Risk cec
It’s yet another sugar shock.
Nicotine Withdrawal and Snacking
Quitting smoking can bring on a case of the munchies.
Pesticides and Organic Foods
Question of the month: Are you ready to buy more organic foods?
Food Packaging and Perception
How labels and package designs change the way we think and the foods we choose.
Food Nutrition Rankings
How healthy is the food you're eating? Scientists have now ranked it!
Dining Alone and Heart Disease Risk cec
Study finds an increase in heart disease risk for older women who dine alone.
Excessive Sodium Intake cec
A sodium shakedown to take note of.
How to Stop Hedonic Eating cec
Breaking the circle of hedonic food consumption.
Alcohol Risks During Pregnancy
Even low-level alcohol use during pregnancy can impact a child's brain development.
Recipe for Health: Kale Pear Salad with Hazelnut Dressing
Eating fruits and veggies can reduce perceived stress.
Spirulina: Buy or Bye?
Taking a deep dive into trending foods and drinks to find out if they are worth the hype.
Eating Disorder Hospitalizations cec
Inpatient stays for eating disorders are rising.