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Fit Tips – January 2022

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Health Education for Former Elite Athletes
Finding effective weight and fat loss after retirement.
Emphasizing Weight-Neutral Fitness cec
Boosting fitness improves health more effectively than pushing weight loss efforts.
Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity for Best Fitness
Large study validates improvements from higher-intensity training.
BMI Doesn’t Work for All People cec
Doctor leads initiative to adjust the index to reflect racial and ethnic variations.
Female Athletes, Hormones and Training Adaptations cec
Training recovery rates differ for women taking contraceptives.
Fitness Tracker Data Gets Personal
Researchers are using data from wearables to create personalized messages.
Leg Trackers Improve Accuracy cec
This new device is significantly more accurate than smartwatches.
Restorative Yoga May Reduce Chronic Pain
Study review shows effectiveness of weekly flow and restorative yoga sessions.
Strength Training and Weight Loss cec
Study shows weight training is as effective as cardio for fat loss.
Exercise Needed for Children’s Mental Health
The pandemic seriously disrupted fitness activities.