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Fit Tips – January 2022

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Recipe of the Month: Golden Overnight Oats cec
Give your microbiome a tasty boost!
Carbs in Pasta for Metabolic Health cec
When it comes to a good glycemic response, it’s okay to use your noodle!
Fruits and Veggies Kids’ Mental Health cec
Five or more a day help is linked to better mental health scores.
Refined Grains Consumption
U.S. households are still buying too many refined grains.
Oat Milk: Buy or Bye?
Taking a deep dive into trending foods and drinks to find out if they are worth the hype.
Reducing Our Food-Related Carbon Footprint
Three ways to eat green and help the earth.
Chemicals in Fast Food cec
In case we needed another reason to eat less fast food.
Anti-Inflammatory Spices
Bioactive chemicals prove that spice is nice!
Peanut Protein Benefits
Resistance training paired with peanut protein benefits muscle health in older adults.
Do Certain Carbs Cause Overweight and Obesity?
Hormonal changes may be the culprit.
Food Insecurity Among Sexual Minorities
Not everyone has access to adequate food supply.
Impact of a Gluten-Free Diet
What you eat instead of gluten may have negative consequences.
Plant-Based Meat Substitutes on the Rise
About 65% of Americans are eating more meat alternatives.
Alpha-Linolenic Acid in Plants Lowers Mortality Risk cec
Alpha-linolenic acids are omega-3 fatty acids found in plants.