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Fit Tips – March 2021

Mediterranean diet for cognitive health
Mediterranean Diet Benefits Mental Function
A study links the Mediterranean Diet with improved cognitive function as we age.
CAL U golf certificate and training program
Golf Industry Offers Opportunities for Fitness Professionals SPONSORED
The golf industry is thriving—and opening up new career opportunities for fitness professionals.
Feet function exercises
Train Your Feet
Making your feet more functional can help the rest of your body.
Business Practices to Survive the new normal
21 Best Practices to Help You Survive the New Normal
Learn how three expert fitness business owners are navigating the same potholes and detours you are in this pandemic landscape.
Hiking programming
Prepare Clients for the Hiking Trail cec
Design a program that highlights endurance.
Virtual group fitness
Ramping Up Your Virtual Zoom Studio
Tips, tricks and serious hacks for an unforgettable virtual group class.
Community Cooldown
Share these interactive wind-down “games” with active agers.