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Fit Tips - November 2020


Exercise Improves Memory Performance

As few as 15 minutes of intense exercise can enhance memory and motor skills.
Pork Tenderloin with Poblano Vinaigrette

Fueling Your Plate and Body

Pork delivers protein and nutrition you can feel good about to fuel your plate and body.
Group fitness class

In a Teaching Rut? Be a Participant!

You can gain a lot from attending another instructor’s class.
Foot health and exercise

Training Toward Fleet Feet

Barefoot training offers many benefits that transfer up the kinetic chain.
Financial mistakes fit pros make

5 Financial Gaffes Fitness Professionals Make

Learn from the mistakes of others.
Diet for inflammation

How to Help Your Body Deal With Inflammation

Vegetables and other healthy foods can help you counteract the negative effects of inflammation.
Mental training

Center of Attention: 4 Strategies for High-Intensity Mental Training

Do you place enough emphasis on enhancing your clients' focus? Building concentration can improve performance and lead to behavioral changes that will help exercisers achieve their goals.