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Fit Tips - May 2020

Cabbage and prebiotics for sleep and stress

Prebiotics for Better Sleep

Research shows prebiotics may help with sleep and stress via gut-brain signaling.
California University of Pennsylvania HIIT and joint health

Build Fitness Without Demolishing Joints

Not EVERY body is meant to jump. But everybody can get a high-intensity workout!

Don’t Let Bad Moods Sabotage You

Feeling anxious, fatigued, unhappy, or uncertain? These tips will help you overcome the negative emotions that interfere with your exercise and nutrition plans.
Person using self-care massage and self-massage tools for recovery

Self-Care Massage Tools for Recovery

Navigate options to find the best massage tools to help you and your clients with recovery.

The Top Mistakes Online Entrepreneurs Make, and How to Fix Them

There's more to building an online business than owning a flashy website.

Mind-Body Activities for Children

Do our kids need a sanctuary for inner and outer play?
Resistance Tubing Class

Sample Class: Resistance Tubing Workout

Help participants develop strength with a simple piece of equipment.