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Fit Tips - August 2019

Benefits of Having a Client Avatar

Identify and cater to your target audience to create a virtual blueprint for marketing.

Exercise Linked to Longer Life

Physical activity can reduce the risk of early death, regardless of past activity levels.

Winning Combination: Mindfulness and Strength

Combine challenging strength exercises with gentler movements to improve flexibility and balance.

A Great Start to Indoor Cycling

Kick off your cycling ride with good content, voice and connection.

Exploring Exercise Recovery Options

These alternative recovery options for rest, healing and growth will help you and your clients avoid overtraining.

Are You a Mindful Fitness Professional? Take Our Quiz to Find Out!

Practicing mindfulness and self-care can help you become a better role model for your clients—and grow your business.

Beat the Summer Lull at Your Fitness Business

Here's how to turn the slow, summer season into a profitable time for your business.