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Fit Business Success - February 2020

MINDBODY Wellness Trends
What Are This Year’s Top Fitness Trends? SPONSORED
Check out the 2020 Mindbody Wellness Index to learn more.
MINDBODY Email Automation
Want to Increase Efficiency With Automated Marketing? SPONSORED
Here are 4 tips to get you started.
Expand Your Business with ClubReady
How to Grow and Expand Your Business SPONSORED
Grow your fitness business–plan now for expansion with these four steps.
Marc Coronel and Brandon Wagner
Empowered Entrepreneur: Marc Coronel and Brandon Wagner
Coach or Trainer? A fitness professional’s role is ever-changing.
Host a Speaking Series
Host a Speaking Series
Bolster you bottom line by offering specialty workshops and lectures.
Opening a second gym
Should You Open a Second Location?
To a successful gym owner, expansion may seem like the logical next step. But will the new venture do as well as the first?
Creating Staff Loyalty for Fitness Business
How to Breed Staff Loyalty
Increase staff retention by hiring the right people and purposely training them.
Lead By Example and Watch Business Thrive
Build a strong staff by practicing transparency, compassion and a willingness to work in the trenches.