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2017 October

IDEA Fit Business Success2017 October IDEA Fit Business Success
Reviewing Contracts and Liability Releases
When was the last time you looked at the legal documents you require your clients to sign?
Total-Body Training Moves, Featuring P.J. Stahl and the PowerWave SPONSORED
Bringing innovation to your workouts with the PowerWave.
Empowered Entrepreneur Podcast: Rick Mayo
Rick Mayo, founder and CEO of North Point Fitness and Alloy Personal Training Solutions, shares how luck and hard times built his business.
Sales Systems That Work
Use these 5 simple steps to close deal after deal.
Get It Done! Part Two
Organize your tasks and streamline your success.
Business strategies toolbox, sitting on top of computer keyboard
Underutilized Business Strategies, Part One
Don't underestimate the basics.