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American Yoga Market Is $2.95 Billion Strong and Growing

Americans spend $2.95 billion per year on yoga classes and products, according to the second annual “Yoga in America” survey, sponsored by Yoga Journal. The study reported that 16.5 million Americans, about 7.5% of the adult population, now practice yoga.
Interestingly, 18- to 24-year-olds are the fastest-growing age group. Participants in this bracket increased…

Martial Arts Fusion Workout Popular in L.A.

Mind-body formats are branching out from pure yoga and Pilates workouts to embrace martial arts–based programs that incorporate yoga and Pilates moves. At L.A.’s Jiva Yoga Studio, Cameron Shayne, yoga instructor and martial artist, has developed a training method he ca…

Helping Tsunami Survivors

Hundreds of yoga teachers in India are helping tsunami survivors by leading yoga classes and teaching meditation and breathing techniques to people in tsunami-affected areas. According to a report in the Khaleej Times Online, the federal government of India is implementing a mental health program to assist in rehabilitation. Health Secretary P.K. Hota points out that the mental hea…

More Good Reasons for Athletes to Do Yoga

More and more athletes swear by how their yoga programs improve their sports performance. A recent study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (2004; 18 [4], 723–29) adds one more great reason to cross-train with yoga: a decrease in delayed-…

Yoga as Philosophy of Living

Hatha yoga provides millions of practitioners with valuable benefits ranging from improved physical conditioning to greater peace of mind; ultimately, however, yoga’s purpose is not physical fitness or relaxation. Yoga provides a philosophy of living, an ethical approach to life that any person—of any religion—can enjoy.
The ancient yogic philosopher Pat…

Yoga May Help Kids With ADHD

The regular practice of yoga is known for helping adults achieve a sense of relaxation and inner peace. A recent study suggests that yoga may also benefit children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
According to research published in the Journal of At…

Yoga and Meditation Help Soldiers in Iraq

Soldiers with the 320th Engineer Company, 565th Engineer Battalion, 130th Engineer Brigade, have been participating in weekly yoga sessions in Iraq, according to an article from the Army News Service. The classes began when Second Lt. Caprice Vargas, who had practiced yoga personally for about 5 years, began leading morning classes for her platoon members. When others heard about it, she expanded…

Inmates Practice Yoga and Meditation

Prison inmates are finding peace of mind through regular yoga and meditation practice at San Francisco County Jail No. 7 in California. The classes are part of the “Resolve to Stop the Violence Program (RSVP),” an effort to reintegrate violent offenders into society and decrease the likelihood that they’ll wind up back behind bars,” according to an article in the A…

Yoga for the Whole Family

When yoga is taught at their level, kids readily enjoy the physical and mental release this practice offers. Most instructors who teach yoga to children report that kids a…

what is mind-body exercise?

Now, more than ever, mind-body exercise programs are hot.
From 1998 through 2002, yoga and tai chi participation increased by 95 percent in the United States, according to American Sports Data (ASD) Inc. (ASD 2003a). By 2002, an estimated 11.1 million Americans were practicing tai chi or yoga and 4.7 million were doing Pilates (ASD 2003b). New participants are attracted partly by savvy marketing but also by the lure of programs that might offer them peace of mind as well as fitness gains.

Yoga, Pilates & Golf

Tight chest muscles. Reduced flexibility in the torso. Strained shoulders and a sore back. Unfortunately, that’s the description of many amateur and weekend golfers. Golfers habitually bend and twist, bend and twist—all the while straining their backs and shoulders, forming muscle imbalances and inviting injury.

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