The National Institute of Whole Health (NIWH) and Wellcoaches® Corporation have teamed up to address a “missing link” in the healthcare reform law. The “gap was created by the omission of critical wellness and disease prevention practices and policies that would foster sustainable lifestyles which improve mental and physical health and lower healthcare costs,” stated the partnering organizations in a press release. Wellcoaches and NIWH will work together to provide programs to educate and train health and wellness professionals in Whole Health Education® and health and wellness coaching. “Real healthcare reform means moving from sickness to wellness, from treatment to prevention, from a focus on weaknesses to a focus on strengths and potential,” said Margaret Moore, founder and chief executive officer of Wellcoaches. “NIWH and Wellcoaches are working together to move healthcare in a direction that will make a sustainable improvement of individual health and well-being while saving money.”