Customers continue to drive demand for programs and services that restore well-being to the entire spectrum of mind, body and spirit. In addition to offering exercise activities such as yoga, Pilates, tai chi and chi kung, leading spas are enhancing the overall well-being of their patrons through a variety of other services designed to renew and recharge the whole person. Jurlique, an Australian spa company, has rolled out two new treatments that incorporate aspects of integrative medicine and seek to balance and harmonize inner energy while improving outer appearance.

“Dreamtime” is a 90-minute therapy based on aboriginal massage techniques used on warriors after they returned from a hunt. The techniques channel excess restless energy out through the head to relax and refresh the body. Also included are a facial and an arm and lower-leg massage using aromatic indigenous cactus oils. Background music features the didgeridoo, a traditional aboriginal instrument made from tree branches hollowed out by termites. A tiger iron quartz stone is given at the end to encourage a positive attitude, completing the experience.

The “Zen Shiatsu Facial,” another-90 minute treatment, consists of applying pressure to traditional acupuncture points (shiatsu) while gently massaging the face using organic aromatherapy products. Manipulating pressure points balances and restores the free flow of energy and healthy circulation to the face. At the same time, aromatic oils, imbued with the healing properties of phytochemicals, nourish the skin, stimulate the senses and encourage relaxation.

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