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Recovery Strategies

Route to Relaxation

These days, it seems, we’re all more familiar with feeling stressed than with feeling calm. Luckily for us, we’re designed to relax. The breath is our route to…

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

In the fitness industry, trends come and go. Yesterday’s high-low is today’s Pilates, and only time will tell if the indoor cycling classes that now pack participants wall to wall will eventually go the way of Jane Fonda–era aerobics. A steady stream of development…

Helping Tsunami Survivors

Hundreds of yoga teachers in India are helping tsunami survivors by leading yoga classes and teaching meditation and breathing techniques to people in tsunami-affected areas. According to a report in the Khaleej Times Online, the federal government of India is implementing a mental health program to assist in rehabilitation. Health Secretary P.K. Hota points out that the mental hea…

Enjoying an At-Home Spa Day

Are you feeling tense, anxious or overwhelmed? Would you like to feel more joy, calm and confidence? If so, then consider making a 1-day commitment to personal wellness with an at-home spa experience. Rejuvenate yourself with these spa tricks of the trade from Mary Monroe, a Los-Angeles–based health and spa writer.

Planning to Relax

Bust Stress With Pilates Principles

Life constantly presents changes and challenges that promote learning, growth and optimal function. Individuals respond and adapt to these trials differently. When people lose their capacity to cope successfully, they can experience negative stress.

moving slow in a fast world

In an era in which Americans are primarily concerned with losing weight and gaining muscle mass, it is no wonder that the slow-moving martial art of tai chi has been a bit of a hard sell.
Tai chi won’t fold under your bed for easy storage, nor will it claim to reduce inches off your waistline in “just 3 minutes a day.” The reality is, however, that those who practice tai chi are likely to get stronger, have less anxiety, move more organically and gracefully, improve their balance and enjoy more flexibility.

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