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Reader Feedback: When Clients Link Body and Mind

In the April issue of Inner IDEA Body-Mind-Spirit Review, we asked you at what point during your work with new clients do you start to recognize they are making the mind-body connection. Here’s what you had to say:

“I know that a new client has made the mind-body connection when she can repeat to me which part of the body she is using and can draw comparisons between movements that train the same muscle group. This is also evident when she recognizes certain symptoms of change on her own, such as better sleep, improved posture, increased energy and more positive responses to stressful situations.”
— Linda Smibert, Ontario, Canada

“I teach a circuit class at a country club in Hawaii. Near the end of the hour, when muscles and minds are beginning to feel fatigue, I know my students have made the mind-body connection when I ask them to connect and align with the ‘strength within’ and finish the last two stations with enthusiasm–and they do!”
— L. Kae Graniel, Honolulu, Hawaii

“I’ve seen a lot of different transitions in my yoga students that signal they are starting to better understand the mind-body connection. There are some people who tend to be nervous talkers when they first begin their practice. Whether it is anxiousness about yoga class or even about the sound of silence itself, I know they start to ‘get it’ when they come into class and are simply ‘being’ on their mat. It is also quite wonderful when you see a student becoming more in touch with his own body and recognizing what adjustments he needs to make before he is told. Both are important transitions in a yoga practice and are also rewarding reminders of I why I choose to teach.”
— Joanne Caudle, Lawton, Oklahoma

“I can tell a Pilates client has made the mind-body connection when I can see she is breathing properly without my cue. I think one of the greatest challenges in achieving the full benefit of Pilates is being able to perform the move and ‘know’ how to breathe through it.”
— Christine Rutherford, San Jose, California

“My personal training clients know they are making a mind-body connection from the moment I ask them three questions: How’s your energy level? How’s your stress level? How centered do you feel? I ask these questions before and after each session, and write down the responses. It’s a wonderful mind-body personal training technique because it emphasizes connectedness to the body and is tracked with words instead of numbers. When my clients become more and more familiar with how they relate to their bodies, they choose different, more descriptive adjectives.”
— Lawrence Biscontini, MA, Fajardo, Puerto Rico


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