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MELT Method: The Missing Dimension in Wellness

Discover an overlooked key to optimal wellness—one that diet, exercise and meditation can’t touch.

MELT Method

Whatever role you play professionally in the world of wellness, chances are you believe in eating well, daily activity, and some type of meditation or mindfulness practice. This is a solid foundation for a healthy, fulfilling and active life—but what if we told you it’s not quite enough to achieve optimal wellness and prevent pain and symptoms often associated with aging?

Daily Living = Dehydration

The reason is lying just below our skin, in our fascia—the connective tissue that supports, protects and gives structure to other tissues and organs in our bodies. Repetitive motions of daily living cause our fascia to lose its elastic to stiff properties. In simple terms, fascia becomes dehydrated from excessive compression, pull and friction—making it less supportive, responsive and adaptable. How does dehydrated connective tissue play out? It starts out as a sense of stiffness when you get up to move—but if left unaddressed, it becomes a key culprit behind muscle strain, painfully compressed joints, and a decline in our overall daily postures, movements and physical performance. Connective tissue dehydration is the underlying cause of the strain and pain in the body that many people feel are a normal part of aging and daily living.

The solution isn’t to drink more water (though you definitely don’t want to give up on that). The solution is to address the cumulative dehydration caused by repetitive motions of daily living and to restore fascia’s supportive qualities. Everything from typing to carrying a baby to poor posture can cause fascial dysfunction, just as much as a hard workout or athletic performance can. The fluid flow in the fascial system is integral to the way you move and feel.

Getting to the Root of the Issue

You can’t stop working. Or standing. Or sitting. So what do you do about addressing the effects of your repetitive daily grind? This is exactly why the MELT Method was developed. MELT is a gentle self-treatment technique that uses a specially designed soft roller and treatment balls to rehydrate connective tissue and rebalance the nervous system. It turns out connective tissue is inextricably linked to the autonomic nervous system and our immune function, and it plays an integral role in mind-body communication and muscle contraction.

MELT is the only technique that focuses on restoring the fluid flow of the fascial system and, in turn, improving whole-body performance and efficiency. Based on neurofascial science and influenced by aspects of hands-on therapies like neuromuscular therapy, craniosacral therapy, manual muscle testing and lymphatic drainage, MELT has been clinically proven to reduce pain, increase flexibility and create meaningful change in pain symptoms.

When you MELT, you create a cascade of benefits, including enhancements to mobility, stability, vitality, performance and overall wellness. That’s why it’s such a valuable tool—and there’s a huge opportunity for you to integrate it into your current professional fitness or wellness practice. Whether you’re a bodyworker, a yoga or pilates instructor, or a personal trainer, MELT is the perfect complement (not replacement!) to your offerings. A MELT practice will take your clients’ well-being to the next level, whether they’re looking to reduce chronic pain, boost their performance or just achieve a new sense of vibrancy while maintaining mobility and an active lifestyle. You’ll empower your clients to be more focused and aware of their practice—and truly transform lives.

Integrate It Into Your Life (and Your Professional Practice)

MELT is easy to work into your routine. Just 10 minutes a day, three times a week as a pre- or post-workout element can completely change a workout. And giving MELT as homework for your clients can help them reach their goals faster and reduce joint strain and injuries. As an instructor, you’ll also learn how to teach MELT in group classes to help more people at one time and attract new clients to your practice. Because of its gentle and adaptable techniques and tools, people of any age or ability can enjoy the effects.

We’re inviting you to join us for Level 1 training this summer, starting June 1. Spend the summer studying with us via our engaging online platform, which offers a flexible mix of live and pre-recorded sessions. As we all emerge from our long pandemic pauses, it’s the perfect time to reconnect with each other by helping our clients reconnect their bodies. We hope to see you join our instructor community to help *melt* away all our social distancing blues and introduce people to this game-changing technique.

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