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Journaling Prompts

We’re tapping into the rich content of our sister brands to connect you to a vast world of fresh takes on fitness and wellness. This month, we find balance with Yoga Journal

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When IDEA became a part of Outside Inc., a new world opened up for IDEAfit+ Members—beautifully integrating active lifestyle content both inside and outside of the gym.

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As we settle into 2022—and the ongoing process of setting and reevaluating our goals, Yoga Journal contributor Milan Sundaresan offers 10 pointers on using journaling to create the life you want. “I find that writing both liberates me and holds me firmly accountable to myself,” she says. “Whatever comes up, what I most appreciate and revere about journaling is its capacity to help me witness myself in each stage of life.”

Here are Sundaresan’s prompts to get the writing started and help guide you through 2022.

10 New Year Journaling Prompts

  1. Describe in detail where you are physically, right now, in time and space. How does it feel to be here?
  2. How are you feeling in the present moment? Name emotions that are arising, and consider why they might be coming up for you.
  3. Think back. Can you identify the peaks and valleys of each month in 2021? When you look back at the year as a whole, what feelings arise for you?
  4. Of the feelings that arise, which do you want to leave behind in 2021?
  5. Of the feelings that arise, which do you want to invite to follow you into 2022?
  6. List five moments in the past year when you experienced a feeling that you want to cultivate more of in 2022.
  7. What allowed those moments to feel as they did? Was it the persons surrounding you, the achievement or attainment of a goal of some sort, or something more intangible?
  8. What feelings can you embody or create space for that will allow for more of such moments in 2022?
  9. What do you want to call into your life in 2022, personally, professionally, and otherwise?
  10. Ponder where you are in the trajectory of calling that feeling into your life. Identify one tangible step you can take in the new year to bring your desire closer to you, and commit to it.

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November-December 2020 IDEA Fitness Journal

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