After a quarter century of focusing on exercise and its impact on the body, IDEA is embarking on its next evolutionary path: exploring the inner connection between mind, body and spirit in a quest toward optimal wellness. To support our strong belief in this path, we are delighted to announce the debut of Inner IDEA, an exciting new conference that will launch July 23–25, 2006, just before the 2006 IDEA World Fitness Convention®. Our dedication to serving and educating the fitness professional world will always be IDEA’s foundation; we think this new conference will add an essential component to our services that reflects the world’s move toward holistic wellness.

The Inner IDEA mission is to “inspire the world to wellness through body, mind and spirit.” This journey begins with encouraging fitness and wellness professionals to join with open hearts and minds to explore the exciting new science and benefits of holistic mind-body-spirit practices. Such mindful techniques include physical movement, nutrition, meditation, relaxation techniques, stress management, coaching and many other important personal-growth experiences.

As mind-body practices become widely accepted, there is a need to provide leadership for the integration of these disciplines into the fitness/wellness industry. Inner IDEA is well positioned to be that leader. Our conference promises you sensory experiences and strong educational offerings. We have sought out the latest mind-body-spirit research and the most qualified instructors to expand your knowledge base, enrich your programming potential and provide new tools you can share with your clients.

We anticipate 400–500 serious mind-body professionals from around the world to attend this historic inaugural event. They will represent facets of mind-body practice from the realms of yoga, Pilates, wellness coaching, personal training, group exercise, tai chi and the allied health professions. We hope you will be among this esteemed group!

Here are some notes to help you plan your Inner IDEA experience.

When: July 23–25, 2006, just before the 2006 IDEA World Fitness Convention.

Where: The Hyatt Lake Las Vegas Resort, a beautiful, intimate setting far from the fast pace of the “Strip.” The resort is approximately 30 minutes outside of Las Vegas and will provide event attendees with a spa-like experience perfect for a focused immersion into mind-body education. IDEA has reserved the entire facility for the Inner IDEA event. For more information on the property, go to

Details: Inner IDEA will conclude Tuesday afternoon, July 25, to dovetail with the opening of the 2006 IDEA World Fitness Convention. IDEA will transport all interested Inner IDEA attendees directly to the IDEA World Fitness Expo Hall at the start of the show.

We are thrilled to share this exciting announcement with you and look forward to spreading more of our enthusiasm and passion for this important and burgeoning component of holistic wellness.


Kathie and Peter Davis