Jewish mothers around the world rejoiced when scientists proved that chicken soup can reduce the inflammation associated with the common cold. Now research is revealing that other home-brewed concoctions may also reduce the severity of those pesky cold symptoms. Here’s a look at what to stock up on during the long cold and flu season:

  • Orange and Grapefruit Juice. Both are good sources of vitamin C, which can help shorten the cold’s duration.

    • Whole-Grain Cereal and Bread. Rich in vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin E and zinc, these items have been shown to boost the immune system.
    • Black Tea. Black tea contains substances known to expel germs from the nasal passages.
    • Yogurt. The beneficial bacteria in the live active cultures can assist the immune system.
    • Bitter Greens Salad. Watercress and arugula relieve congestion, sniffles and coughing.
    • Anise. These licorice-flavored seeds can help break up congestion.
    • Garlic. This pungent bulb is a powerhouse when it comes to fighting cold symptoms.
    • Ginger. Whether used as a spice or in tea, this root vegetable is loaded with virus-fighting properties.
      Source: November 2005 Health magazine.