Where does your professional pilgrimage lead you? Did you know that in 2004, more than 13 million Americans were practicing yoga or tai chi and more than 9.6 million were doing Pilates (Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association)? A recent National Health Interview Study (NHIS) found that over 60% of Americans used some form of complementary and alternative medicine within the past year. There is no doubt that people are more willing than ever before to explore the body-mind-spirit connection and its powerful benefits. They need you to provide the information, motivation and guidance that will lead them to a deeper level.

The first annual Inner IDEA conference is the beginning of that journey to develop a new community of wellness leadership. Designed to be far more than a conventional wellness or fitness event, Inner IDEA is a unique multidimensional experience that will fully engage you in the exploration of wellness. This experience will give you an immense variety of new ideas, research and programs to help you guide others to new levels of health, vitality, happiness and purpose. But above all, Inner IDEA will take you through your own amazing personal and professional transformation—because you can’t transform others without first transforming yourself. To find out more, please visit www.inneridea.com.