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Celebrating IDEA’s 40th Anniversary!

Mark this amazing milestone by joining us in person at IDEA® World Convention in Las Vegas for the “Super Bowl” of fitness (July 20-24). 

IDEA's 40th Anniversary Cake

Bust out the bubbly, because this one is epic. We are exalting IDEA’s 40th Anniversary!

Maybe you’ve been an IDEA Member since our 1982 launch. Perhaps you recently signed on with us or rejoined. Either way, we kicked off the revelry a few months back, and we plan to whoop it up all year. We hope you will add your magic to the party by linking to our social media channels to connect, joining us for a workshop or webinar, subscribing to our podcasts, or simply sharing a memory or a photo in any of our feeds

But, the best way I can suggest to mark this amazing milestone is to join us in person at IDEA® World Convention in Las Vegas for the “Super Bowl” of fitness (July 20-24). 

Friends, it’s been 2 years since we could safely gather. Let this be our time to meet in person to laugh, learn, dance and celebrate together at IDEA World, the most electric of all fitness industry events. 

Just a few weeks ago we gathered in person in Alexandria, Virginia, for 2022 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute. It was incredible to see so many fit pros and our amazing IDEA faculty together again, learning, growing and elevating our profession. There were plenty of laughs and some tears of happiness as our community rejoined. If you weren’t able to join us at PTI, know that IDEA World is the main event this year and that we are ecstatic to bring our fitness family back together. 

Next week we’ll begin a campaign you for the most incredible IDEA World Early Bird deal for IDEA members we’ve offered in our history. It’s a seriously jaw-dropping price point and you’re simply not going to believe it!

This is your opportunity to join thousands of your colleagues—personal trainers, group fitness instructors, health and nutrition coaches, business owners and managers, and mind-body specialists—for 4 days of unparalleled learning opportunities and unforgettable experiences. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime celebration of learning you won’t want to miss. Learn more about IDEA World Convention and IDEA’s 40th Anniversary celebration

National Nutrition Month Ends March 31

What’s next in nutrition? That’s a big question seasoned with even bigger opinions and a side of multiple research-based explanations. However, if you’re hungry enough for answers, you can find them in the thousands of nutrition articles on IDEAfit.com and on this new focused nutrition page curated by executive editor Joy Keller. When you add both theoretical and practical research to your expertise, you can feel confident in sharing nutritional insight with clients and still remain within your scope of practice.

There is much more information available for fitness professionals to explore in the wide world, which is one reason why it’s vital to stay up to date with continuing education credits. Reminder that as an IDEAfit+ Member, you have access to unlimited CEC courses on the site. 

With that, I’ll say fare thee well for this week. Please drop me an email and tell me what you’re excited about or challenged with these days. Write to me at [email protected] or reach out to the content team at [email protected] to tell us what you need. We’re here to help!

Thank you for all you do to inspire others to happier, healthier lives. 


Sandy Todd Webster

For 22 years, Sandy Todd Webster was the chief architect of IDEA's content program - including the award-winning IDEA FITNESS JOURNAL and IDEA FOOD & NUTRITION TIPS - the industry's leading resources for fitness, wellness and nutrition professionals worldwide. She created, launched and nurtured these brands and many others during her productive and purposeful IDEA tenure. Sandy is a Rouxbe-certified professional plant-based cook and a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach who is pursuing a Master's degree in Sustainable Food Systems through The Culinary Institute of America (expected August 2024). She plans to combine these passions with her content expertise to continue inspiring others to make the world a more just, healthy and regenerative place.

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