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Exercise May Improve Sex Hormone Levels in Sedentary Older Males

by Ryan Halvorson
Androgen deficiencies, including a reduction in testosterone levels, are often acknowledged as a natural aspect of aging among males; however, the vast array of treatments being offered to avoid decreased function indicates that men have significant interest in maintaining youthful vigor. What works? While testosterone repl...

Project ACES Celebrates 20 Years of Inspiring Kids to Get Fit

by Ryan Halvorson
On May 7, a leading organization seeking to “educate children about the importance of lifelong fitness, and to end the negative stereotype that children are physically unfit,” will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Project ACES (All Children Exercise Simultaneously) was founded by physical education teacher Len Saunders, whose original goal (in 1989) was to encourage ...

What Are Those Produce Labels?

by Diane Lofshult
Ever wonder what those sticky labels are on the fruit and veggies you buy? According to IDEA contributing editor Jennie McCary, MS, RD, the labels identify whether produce is conventionally grown, organically grown or genetically modified. McCary says the digits on the labels signify the following:

Qigong May Lower Hypertension

by Shirley Archer, JD, MA
Consistent practice of the ancient Chinese art of qigong may offer relief to people with high blood pressure, according to a paper published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (2008, 14 [1]; 27–37). Scientists reviewed 92 studies but found only nine that qualified for meta-analysis. Among these studies, people who consistently practiced ...

Don’t Wait—Meditate™ Campaign

The notion that regular meditation is beneficial and achievable is becoming more widely accepted among Americans. Across the nation, over 100,000 individuals have taken a pledge to participate in a challenge to start a consistent meditation practice, according to Lisa Hepner, a meditation enthusiast and the creator of Don’t Wait—Meditate. Signing the pledge is free. In fac...

Developing Active Listening Skills

by Julie Andersen, MA
In an age of advanced communication technology, we believe we are communicating more than ever before, but are we communicating effectively? You may be armed with your cellular network and all the latest technology, but that won’t help if you haven’t mastered the art of act...

Reader Feedback

What Members Have Liked Recently I’ve had good intentions of writing every month when I receive [IDEA’s] publications in the mail. I’m finally getting to it. Like many others in the field, I am bombarded with publications, e-mail blasts and all manner of material. Sadly, much of it never gets read—except yours. ...

Postactivation Potentiation: A Brief Review

by Roxanne Horwath, Len Kravitz, PhD
The goal of many researchers, strength and conditioning professionals and personal trainers is to enhance the acute and chronic effects of resistance training on a person’s overall athletic performance. To that end, many resistance training methods, strategies and ergogenic aids have been investigated. Some of the underlying mech...

Helping Parkinson’s Sufferers

by April Durrett
For Kathi Sims, RN, fitness has always been a way of life. While she was working as a registered nurse in Chatham, Ontario, she began teaching early-morning, evening and Saturday exercise classes. What was a part-time passion turned into her main focus when she and her husband retired to Sarasota, Florida.

Health Clubs Continue Financial Growth

by Ryan Halvorson
Despite concerns over a faltering economy, business appears to be booming for health clubs, states the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Associa­tion (IHRSA) in its annual survey of U.S. health and sports club companies. According to the survey, average revenues increased by more than 18% in the third quarter of 2007.“This growth pattern has been observed duri...
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