April 2008

Sweet Substitute

by Diane Lofshult
Have you ever been in the middle of mixing up a cocktail when you realized you did not have the “superfine” sugar that is one of the key ingredients? No worries: You can make your own at home instead of rushing off to the market! Just process some regular granulated sugar in a food processor using a metal blade for about 2 minutes...

Taking SOAP Notes

by Daniel Ball, MS, Brian Murphy
Personal training is evolving at an unprecedented rate, and keeping pace requires developing innovative approaches to professional skills. Documenting client progress is one such skill. Emerging training models require more sophisticated methods of documentation. Today, trainers working with special populations often work as part...

Tricks of the Trade

My biggest challenge is finding the right trainers to work with me. It is hard to find qualified trainers who are willing to train some of the clientele that I have (the morbidly obese). Some of my clients require a lot of motivation, and not every trainer is a motivator. I would rather have trainers wh...

Guiding New Instructors

As vice president of GoodLife Fitness clubs in Canada, Maureen “Mo” Hagan, PT, still teaches group fitness, inspiring 200 participants per week in her classes. She also travels to several new club openings a year, introducing hundreds of members to group fitness programs. She combines her passion for group exercise and her intere...

The Fitness Farm

by Irene Lewis-McCormick, MS, Julie Vardaman
Wake up your group strength or boot camp warm-up with animal-themed movements that include static and dynamic stretches. Encourage participants to focus on precision, breathing and progressions. Take these moves through a full range of motion to increase the stretch. Remember that not all exercises are appropriate for all populat...

Scheduling Variety

by Joy Keller
Healthways’ SilverSneakers fitness program has introduced YogaStretch and SilverSplash to help add variety to older-adult programming. The former uses a chair for support as participants work at their own pace to build flexibility and endurance, while learning to r...

The Secret to Client Retention

by Mary Bratcher, MA
Client retention is one of the greatest obstacles fitness professionals can face. However, since it is far more difficult to attract a new client than to keep a current one, it’s crucial to strengthen your retention know-how. Discover how to boost client adherence levels by incorporating fundamental coaching elements into your se...

Teaching What It Means to Be Fit

by Mary Monroe
“Mind-body science has shown us that it doesn’t make sense to treat the human body like a science fair project anymore. Now we know that our health isn’t just about a system of anatomical parts—it’s an integration of the mental, physical and spiritual. It’s determined by our attitudes and belief systems, as well as our genetics a...

Acetaminophen Alert

by Diane Lofshult
Fitness professionals may sometimes take products containing acetaminophen (e.g., Tylenol®) to soothe their aching muscles after heavy exercise bouts. They might also reach for a caffeinated product like Diet Coke®

Energy Drinks May Present Danger

by Diane Lofshult
The American Heart Association (AHA) issued an alert in November to warn consumers that energy drinks may pose a health risk for people who have high blood pressure or heart disease. The AHA based the alert on a study that found that blood pressure and heart rate levels increased after healthy adults drank as little as two cans a day of a popular energy drink....
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