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IDEA FitnessConnect is the “can’t miss resource” for reporters and bloggers covering all aspects of the fitness and wellness industries, including personal training, group fitness, nutrition, indoor cycling, mind-body and any other topic related to how consumers can get fit! As the largest free online directory, IDEA FitnessConnect links millions of everyday consumers to more than 250,000 of the nation’s top certified trainers, instructors, gyms, and classes with credentials verified by the top 100 certification/training bodies. IDEA FitnessConnect has been an industry initiative that certification agencies, fitness professionals, and clubs have endorsed. As you are developing new articles and online content regarding anything related to health and fitness, especially with regard to pointing consumers to a trusted and verified place to find qualified fitness professionals to work with, feel confident in recommending IDEA FitnessConnect.

For fitness enthusiasts, finding the right trainer or gym is half the battle when trying to stay in shape. So what to do if you’re moving to a new city and need to find a gym? Or you’re searching for a new class or a certified personal trainer to kick-start your holiday routine? Consumers can find the right trainer, instructor, class or gym based on their fitness goals by searching the largest directory of certified personal trainers, and health clubs and classes.

Thanks to IDEA FitnessConnect, consumers can scan thousands of personal trainer profiles, research classes or find instructors – all from the comfort of their home.

IDEA Personal Trainer Insitute East 2013The largest free online directory

IDEA FitnessConnect links millions of consumers to more than 250,000 of the nation’s top certified trainers, instructors, nutritionists, wellness specialists, gyms and classes.

FitnessConnect VerificationCertification verification

Verify that fitness professionals hold current certifications from the top accreditation agencies and review their skill sets and expertise areas. Scan trainer profiles, class types and review peer recommendations.

IDEA Personal Trainer Insitute East 2013Advanced search options to find the perfect trainer match

Search by city or ZIP code and within seconds be connected to thousands of trainers, health clubs or classes in their city/town. Search for classes and events, by size and price to meet their budget.

FitnessConnect professionals are being seen by over 16 million consumers

Professionals can be found on sites like,,,, and


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