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IDEAfit+ Membership

Membership Reimagined

Enjoy unlimited CECs, IDEA Fitness Journal, business tools, resources and much more

only $199

You will be charged when you place your order, and your membership will auto-renew each year.

Terms & Conditions

IDEA Health & Fitness Association is excited to announce that we have launched a new all-inclusive, all-access, IDEAfit+ Membership. We are evolving to meet the needs of our fitness professionals and business owners.

We’ve listened to our members, and—with the guidance of experts from around the world—we’ve created a modern, comprehensive platform with incredible value. IDEAfit+ Membership provides expert-led education, effective business resources, a thriving community and career-enhancing experiences at an amazingly low cost to you.

Unlimited CECs

Unlimited CECs and courses

Gold-Standard education

Gold-standard education for career development

Business resources to help you succeed

Business resources to help you succeed

Your place in our global professional community

Your place in our global professional community


only $199

Here's what our Fit Pros are saying about their IDEA® Membership...

Melanie Bibens
Melanie Bibens

IDEA truly has opened many doors for me as I progressed through my personal training journey. Doors to education. Doors to personal growth .Doors to Friendships. Thanks, IDEA, for being the one placeI could turn for questions, ideas and new pathways!

Lynnette Blomquist
Lynnette Blomquist

“IDEA had been a steadfast support and wealth of knowledge to me over my 35 plus years in the Fitness Industry! Not only with superior customer service, but also for Insurance and Continuing Education! 🙌🏾 Thank you IDEA! Peace ✌🏾 Lynnette Blomquist- ACE Personal Trainer ACE Group Fitness, Gliding Master Trainer, over 35 years experience.

Josie Gardiner
Josie Gardiner

Thank you IDEA for all your continued support in all areas of fitness. Knowledge is power. this helps all keep learning and adapting our programs to fit the needs of our participants!

Eve Lynn MacCloskey
Eve Lynn MacCloskey

I've relied on IDEA for over 20 years, and the relationship has been so trouble-free, I've hardly noticed how easy it's been. How nice to have such reliable, dependable backup!


You are second to none in my estimation. The information in your magazines; education, studies and results, up to date info....literally second to none.

Leslie Anthony Daley
Leslie Anthony Daley

I have been affiliated with IDEA for over 25 years now, and have found no comparison to the quality, and professionalism that IDEA continues to exhibit year after year with their reading material, conferences, CEC, etc. Looking forward to many more years of exiting continuous affiliation.

Serena Scanzillo
Serena Scanzillo

IDEA is an organization of true professionals, for professionals. They offer essential resources for members, they helped out during COVID and always are finding ways to improve their services. That's how you know you're part of something great. Thanks IDEA for creating a community I want to be a part of.

Sandy Ellis
Sandy Ellis

Becoming an IDEA Health & Fitness member was one of the best decisions I’ve made as a trainer. If I need support, CECs or I’m looking for a great fitness article I know I can go to the website or open my physical copy of the IDEA Fitness Journal. There is nothing like attending an IDEAFit Conference and being part of a community of like minded professionals. I have met so many wonderful people over the years through Idea Fit. It’s a community that I am thankful and proud to be a part! Thanks for all you do IDEA!

Traci Silverman
Traci Silverman

In our changing times, it is so important to have a responsive organization like IDEA to support the wellness industry. IDEA provides the tools and resources for me to support my students and clients in making positive changes in their overall wellbeing. It's life changing for many!

Membership Benefits

IDEAfit+ - Courses & Certificates


Unlimited CECs & Courses

Average annual spend - $500

Enjoy unlimited CECs, IDEAfitTV, (with access to over 750 full-length educational videos), and hundreds of additional quality online courses and certificates. Whether you want to remain current with your certification or learn something new, IDEA’s continuing education provides fact-based content from the instructors you trust.



In 2021, IDEA World Virtual returns in an enormous way with unparalleled innovation, support, excitement and inspiration designed to fill your personal and professional buckets for years to come. Prepare for a game-changing and immersive event that provides everything you need to become a true leader in your community.

IDEA World 2021

Publications & Content

IDEA Fitness Journal

The award-winning Fitness Journal is the gold-standard publication of the fitness industry. But you also get much more, including a wide range of digital publications focusing on building your business, understanding nutrition for you and your clients, and staying on top of the latest fitness trends and programming. Additionally, ideafit.com provides you ungated access to over 10,000 fact-based articles from our award-winning editorial team.

Social Media Management Tools


retail value - $240

With FitPost, it’s easy to stay engaged with your clients with interesting, relevant, fact-based content across your social media channels. Use our automated scheduler and schedule a carefully curated piece of content or modify it and create your own posts.

IDEAfit+ - FitPost
IDEAfit+ - FitPost

Client Email Marketing

Client Newsletter

retail value - $150

Client Newsletter takes the work out of providing content to your clients via email. IDEA sources, builds and sends the email out on your behalf each month.

Exclusive Offers

Member Perks

retail value - $240

Get access to deals and discounts from IDEA’s trusted partners. Whether it’s apparel, equipment, nutrition or technology you're looking for, we’ve got great deals for you.

IDEAfit+ - Member perks
IDEAfit+ - Workout builder

Training Resourses

Workout Builder

Build workout programs for clients using our exercise library with over 1,000 videos to choose from. Watch videos or create workouts with the IDEA Workout Builder.

Common Questions

What do I get with my membership?

Your IDEAfit+ Membership gives you unlimited CECs from free IDEA online courses through IDEAfit TV and quizzes; a subscription to Fitness Journal magazine (mailed six times a year), as well as a host of online newsletters; access to FitPost social media services; an online subscription to Client Newsletter; and access to Workout Builder.

Does my IDEAfit+ Membership really include a FREE 3-day pass to the 2021 IDEA® World Virtual convention?

Yes! If you are one of the first 15,000 people purchase IDEAfit+ Membership, you will receive a one-time-only, all-access, 3-day pass to 2021 IDEA World Virtual—valued at $399.

Can I cancel my membership midyear?

No. Once you subscribe or renew for the year, IDEAfit+ Membership cannot be refunded. Click here to view our membership cancellation policy.

Can I disable auto-renewal from my membership?

Yes. You can disable auto-renewal from your membership through your subscriptions page in your IDEA account at pro.ideafit.com/account/me/subscriptions. Once there, select the action gear-symbol button and choose “Disable Auto Renewal.”

Are there payment plans or free trial memberships available for IDEAfit+ Membership?

No. Because IDEAfit+ Membership offers instant unlimited access to CECs and IDEA online courses, we cannot offer payment plans or trial memberships.

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