October 2016, Volume 13, Number 5

Best of Business

Pivot Your Business To Success
Business Strategy: How being flexible can help you get ahead.

Communication Skills

Use These Three Systems To Foster Impeccable Client Adherence
Client Management: No-shows and tardiness create undue strain on your schedule. Learn how to keep your clients coming back for more.


Why Culture Matters And How To Build It In Your Facility
Leadership: It’s no longer enough to offer the latest fitness equipment and amenities in your gym. People crave connection and community.

Professional Development

3 Steps To Take Control Of Your Finances
Business Insights: It may not be the most glamorous aspect of running a business, but putting solid accounting practices in place can save you stress and money.


Is Fitness Technology Your Fiercest Competitor?
Trainer Tech: Technology has made humans obsolete in a variety of industries. Will the same happen to personal trainers?

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