May 2012, Volume 9, Number 3
The Anatomy Of A Successful Client Testimonial - May 2012 IDEA Trainer Success

Best Practices

The Anatomy Of A Successful Client Testimonial
Best Practices: Four steps to gaining lively and powerful testimonials and maximizing their use.

Best of Business

Building A Successful And Sustainable Boot Camp Business
Best of Business: Last installment in our series on running the best boot camp you can offer.
5 Components Of Business Greatness
Training for Growth: What elements do successful businesses have in common—and how can you learn from them?

Profit Center

How To Host A Profitable Educational Workshop
Profit Center: Consider the benefits of hosting a workshop, and learn what it takes in terms of planning and marketing.


Social Media Success: Measuring Your Return On Investment
Social Media: Identify your metrics and learn how to gauge success.

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