September 2004, Volume 1, Number 2
Five Steps To Effective Delegation - September 2004 IDEA Trainer Success
IDEA Trainer Success - September 2004
leadership tip Do You Know What You're Doing Right?
Molding A Mighty Mission
Reinvigoration Strategies: Crafting a purpose and mission statement can help you attain your vision and reinvigorate your career.
Personal Digital Assistants
Technology: Enough power for a moon landing—in the palm of your hand.
Financing Your New Business
The Start-Up: Where to get the money you need to succeed.
Trends In Personal Training
Trainer Survey: New survey shows trainers are confident and profession is growing.
Cross-Promote To Grow Your Business
Training for Growth: Partnering with local businesses expands your marketing reach.
A Veteran Trainer Shares His Insight
View From the Top: How do you network with other trainers, health professionals or clients to increase your business?