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IDEA Templates

Welcome! Please follow these 4 steps to create your custom e-mail. IDEA will send this e-mail on your behalf to the
leaders in the fitness and wellness industry.

  1. Select and Download a template (remember, event templates will go to registered attendees only)
  2. Insert your html-file within the template
  3. E-mail your file to Rachel Puglia at [email protected] by the date
    identified in your contract
  4. IDEA will alert you of any suggestions to your e-mail within 2-working days

Some reminders and suggestions that may be helpful when creating your e-mail:

  • All files should be in HTML table format, and sent as files, not links to web pages
  • HTML files must be recieved 7 business days prior to send date
  • Make sure the HTML code is responsive so it renders well on mobile devices
  • Please test your email in the major email clients (i.e. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo!, Hotmail, etc.) before
    sending to IDEA.
  • Send your recommended Subject Lines (test up to 4 to improve email perfomance)
  • All links for images must have an absolute path i.e (http://www.yoursite.com/image)
  • Use images and text and make sure the offer is understandable without images downloaded
  • Include an expiration date – time-restricted offers create urgency
  • Create landing pages to support the offer – your conversion depends on it
  • Try to keep the offer simple and short with 3-4 lines per paragraph – you have less than 5 seconds to get a
  • Your key message should be clear and in the first 60 characters
  • Make the call to action stand out and place it above the fold for maximum response
  • Use bullet points to make the e-mail easier to read
  • Use alt attributes for images – alt text helps recipients see your offer even when images are not downloaded
  • Use HTML tables and inline CSS when creating your email
  • More links can be used in the body copy of the email. – the more options people have to get to your offer the
    higher the conversion will be
  • Make images link to your website or landing page of your choice. – people like clicking on images, so make sure
    you take advantage of those clicks
  • Make the links intuitive and include your offer in them whenever possible – “30% Off All Fitness Products”

*IDEA reserves the right to modify templates as we see fit (i.e. – remove branded headers, add a footer)

Template Specifications

IDEA templates are composed of a IDEA header image and IDEA unsubscribe content.

Template width restrictions

690 pixels wide

Template height restrictions

No restrictions