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Strength Training in Older African-American Women; Exercise Intensity and Breast Cancer Risk; Trans Fats and Type 2 Diabetes

Programming and Business

Special Section: IDEA's 20th Anniversary

The History Of Fitness
From primitive to present times, how fitness has evolved and come of age.
Quality Of Life: The IDEA Way
Introducing the new IDEA P.R.O.F.I.T. System, an integrated approach that provides facilities with successful marketing, sales, operations and support services.

Special Section: Resources

National Consensus Guidelines For Clients With Medical Conditions
A review of safe practices and legal standards for training clients with diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, blood lipid disorders, obesity and cardiovascular disease.
Fitness Programming Equipment Trends
Look at the big picture before choosing your mix of programs and equipment.
Fitness Products Services Guide
Seek and you shall find using this easy directory of quality products and services
Index To 2001 IDEA Articles
Where to look for information in 2001 issues of IDEA Health & Fitness Source, IDEA Personal Trainer, IDEA Fitness Manager and IDEA Fitness Edge.