Standing Room Only
Staging a promotional campaign is no easy sale for most health clubs. Here are some surefire ways to sell out your next event, class or program.
When It's Time To Change
Fitness facilities often havetrouble knowing when to introduce new programs or personnel. Here are the main areas to consider for making the right choices.
So You Want To Start A New Club?
Many industry professionals dream about opening their own facilities. Here are some cautionary guidelines to consider before taking the plunge.
What Do Facilities Offer?
What programs work best for your fitness facility? Compare your current line-up to others in the industry.
Imagine The Possibilities
Working solo may not be a win-win situation for owners and managers. Why not try partnering?
An Industry Standard For Personal Trainers
Help Finding Good Help
How much time do you spend trying to hire key employees? Here are proven techniques to find the right people for your workplace.