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Fitness Journal Sprint
– june 2021

Training Cancer Patients cec
Intensity is not as important as simply moving.
High Levels of Inactivity and Distractibility cec
Research connects cognitive abilities and physical activity levels.
Do Older Athletes Have an Edge?
Age may be an advantage in high-skill and endurance events.
Do Your Clients Have “Exercise Resistance”?
New research demonstrates adverse impact on fat metabolism even when lifestyle includes exercise.
Optimal Health Gains From HIIT and MICT cec
Study compares which workout provides the most benefits.
Harnessing Your Body Heat to Fuel Batteries
New wearable technology may soon transform your body’s heat into electricity.
Fitness and Brain Health for Kids cec
The physical fitness and brain fitness connection is evident even at age 4.
Sharing Weight Loss Data With Coaches Helps cec
Study shows tracking and sharing data leads to better results for health goals.