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Fitness Journal Sprint
– december 2021

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Side Effects of Compression Socks cec
Study shows improvements in balance and reflex control.
Supporting Physical Activity Programs for Latino Men
Text messaging and/or phone calls boost accountability.
Golf Training and Performance Enhancement cec
Are there benefits to combining specific and nonspecific resistance training?
Sports and Mental Health Challenges cec
A statement from the American College of Sports Medicine.
Is the “Freshman 15” Weight Gain a Given?
Study highlights importance of exercise for college students.
Physical Activity Helps Chemotherapy Side Effects cec
Breast cancer patients may experience better cognitive function.
Exercise Therapy and Chronic Health Conditions cec
Study shows improvements in life quality.
Mental Imagery and Running cec
Mind-body techniques help “nonrunners” complete ultra-marathons
Preloading in Warmup Improves Sprint Performance
Study compares different protocols.