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Fitness Journal Sprint
– december 2021

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Word of the Day: Nutrigeroscience
Personalizing diet interventions for better results.
Supplements for Vegan Women cec
Taking both calcium and vitamin D can improve bone health.
Eating Breakfast: Why It Matters
Rising and dining may help you enjoy more birthdays.
Cafeteria Food Trim Down cec
Simple substitutions and small portions make a big difference.
Dairy and Inflammation cec
Dairy doesn’t drive up inflammation, a review study suggests.
Beer Sweats: The Alcohol and Fitness Connection
The fitter you are the more likely you might be to drink, a study confirms.
Iodine Deficiency and Fecundity
Iodine deficiency may impact female fertility.
Recipe for Health: Cream of Chard Soup
Swiss chard seems to be A-O-K for heart health.
Fiber Benefits Happen Fast
Only 2 weeks of more fiber can lead to a health gut check.
The Glycemic Index and Weight Loss cec
A high-GI diet is not tied to bigger bellies.
Flavonoids = Brain Food
High flavonoid intake may help keep our brains sharp.
Is it Time to Get Tough About Sugar Reductions?
Added sugar causes a lot of not-so-sweet results.
Food Insecurity and Higher Education cec
Lack of food access linked to poor graduation rates.