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Fitness Journal Sprint
– october 2020

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Tai Chi Boosts Mood for People With Heart Disease
Review study shows mental health benefits.
Doing Good: A Positivity Multiplier
Volunteer work is linked with positive health benefits and more physical activity.
Understanding Why Exercise Improves Memory cec
Study shows exercise increases blood flow to key brain regions.
Movement Levels Predict Heart Disease and Death
New research shows relationship between exercise and heart disease risks.
October 2020 Question of the Month: Modified Services for COVID-19
Share your experiences adjusting training and services for COVID-19.
Pokémon Go Players Move More
Game players walk more.
Heart Health for People With Type 2 Diabetes cec
Exercise beats weight loss.
Problems With Online Exercise Advice cec
Many online fitness recommendations include hidden product advertising.
How to Lose Weight Without Losing Bone cec
Weighted vests may help older adults retain bone density while dropping fat.
Long-Term Benefits From Organized Youth Sports
Children who participated in sports program show health benefits as adults.
Why Men Breathe More Easily Than Women When Exercising
Gender differences impact airway size.
More Exercise Helps Prevent Cancer cec
The American Cancer Society updates physical activity and diet recommendations.