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Fitness Journal Sprint
– october 2020

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Have Your Beans—and Some Chicken, Too
Plant-based diets may lower blood pressure numbers (even with added meat).
Good News for Pizza Night
Overeating study shows the body is capable of handling a one-off calorie bonanza.
The Battle for the Most Nutritious Cattle
Early-season grass-fed beef may have a nutritional leg-up.
When to Fast? cec
Hint: Don’t skip breakfast or lunch.
Micro Food for Mega Nutrition
Microalgae could be the omega-3 answer.
Carbs and Type 2 Diabetes cec
Yes, you can still eat grains and avoid diabetes.
A Fishy Solution to Airborne Pollution cec
More omega-3s can mean less brain shrinkage.
A Healthy Diet for the Ages
Diet surveys show that a nutritious diet is a key to fending off frailty.
Run Toward a More Nutritious Diet
Great choices can yield great results.
Can Your Morning Brew Help You Live Longer? cec
Review paper analyzes risks and benefits of coffee consumption.
Key Takeaways From the New Dietary Guidelines cec
Science-based recommendations for better health.