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Fitness Journal Sprint
– june 2020

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Strength Training: Should You Mix It Up? cec
New research suggests that varying exercises helps motivation.
New Music and Exercise Research Findings cec
Fast-tempo music aids endurance exercise more than high-intensity training.
Exercise May Minimize COVID-19 Complications
A study suggests the key to curbing symptoms is an antioxidant produced during physical activity.
America’s Weight Status cec
By 2030, half of American adults are projected to have obesity.
Fun Summer Fact
It’s all in the stars.
60-Second HIIT Beats 30-Second HIIT
Length of intervals and recovery breaks influence training’s effectiveness.
Stepping and Weight Loss cec
15,000 daily steps did not prevent weight gain.
Celebrate Global Wellness Day®
Living well is a shared dream.
High-Quality Evidence for Tai Chi’s Benefits
Tai chi is an effective training program for people with chronic conditions.
Prehab: A Potential Fit Pro Opportunity? cec
Prehab can save money and speed up recovery.
Kids Thrive in Nature
Nature play for children improves physical and mental fitness.
Is the Glass Half-Full?
Promoting optimism may reduce heart disease risks.
Aerobic Fitness and Brain Health
Higher cardiorespiratory fitness levels are linked with more brain volume.