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Fitness Journal Sprint
– june 2020

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Dieting Your Way Into the Lonely Hearts Club cec
Feeling detached? Maybe it’s what you won’t eat.
Healthy Food: Seeing Is Believing
The texture of food influences how healthy we believe it to be.
Athletes Who Play Indoor Sports Are at Risk for a Bad D-Fence cec
The case for shooting hoops without a roof.
Start Roughing It for Cancer Protection cec
A high-fiber diet may lower breast cancer risk.
Are Kids Playing Sports Just to Get Their Treats?
A study is a wake-up call that we need to improve postgame snack culture.
Grocery Shopping From Home Can Undermine Healthy Eating Goals
Online grocery promos target unhealthy products, report finds.
Top Strategies for Maintaining Weight Loss cec
How we behave and think is vital to long-term weight management.
Recipe for Health: Tofu Steaks With Nut Sauce
Slice into a nutty-tasting plant-based steak for dinner tonight.
Take the Bitter With the Sweet cec
Sugary drinks associated with poor lipid control and possible heart issues.
Galaxy Greens
Salads might be on the menu in a galaxy far, far away.
The Reign of (Whole) Grain
Enjoy the benefits of high-quality carbs.