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Fitness Journal Sprint
 february 2020

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HIIT or CWT: Does Sequence Matter?
Researchers compare the metabolic costs.
Active Pregnant Moms Boost Babies’ Fitness cec
Moderate exercise during pregnancy benefits baby’s movement ability.
Best Focal Strategy for Weightlifting cec
Is an internal or external focus best for performance?
Midlife Gait Speed Linked With Lifelong Aging cec
Slow walking predicts accelerated aging and cognitive decline.
Dogs Help People Get Active cec
If you know someone who needs a walking companion, you might suggest a dog.
Health and Wellness Coaching Approved as Healthcare Service cec
American Medical Association approves codes for coaching services.
Cold-Weather Clothing Training Impact
Study examines metabolic costs of protective gear.
Gender Equality Among Spotters
What is the impact of a spotter’s gender?
Exercise as Medicine in Cancer Care
ACSM and ACS promote exercise programs for people with cancer.
Aquatic Walking Benefits
Walking in water helps women with peripheral artery disease (PAD).