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Fitness Journal Sprint
 february 2020

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Americans Are Still Eating a Lousy Diet cec
Too many low-quality foods fill too many plates.
Recipe for Health: Orange-Glazed Butternut Squash With Herbed Pecans cec
Elevate taste and nutrition with a heart-healthy dish.
Fruits and Veggies Silence Fat Genes cec
Plant foods may help dim the demands of noisy genetics.
You Should Be Chicken to Wash Chicken cec
Washing raw chicken can spread bacteria, study says.
You Can Get Ripped on Plants cec
With protein, quantity matters more than type when it comes to building muscle.
February 2020 Question of the Month: Is Your Fridge a Food-Waste Black Hole?
Researchers peered into refrigerators to itemize what was used and what wasn’t.
Another Win for Gluten
Gluten doesn’t cause tummy troubles in most people.
Attack on Snacks
Making snack foods pricier could combat obesity.
Hunger on the Mind
A rumbling stomach affects how people make decisions, study says.
Will You Get Faster on a Keto Diet?
Data from a recent experiment suggests the fat-forward diet may not be an athlete’s best friend.
Finally, a Trick That Gets Kids to Eat More Broccoli
Offering children a variety of vegetables increases intake, study suggests.
Eat Not, Waste More
The world tosses out more food than previously thought.