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Fitness Journal Sprint
– december 2020

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Take the Load Off Your Heart cec
The type of carbs we eat matters for heart health.
Label Limbo
FDA to suspend new label enforcement.
Word of the Day: Drunkorexia cec
Eat, drink and be sorry.
December 2020 Question of the Month: Are We Taking Unhealthy Diets Seriously Enough?
What type of national effort do you believe is required to turn around our dietary habits?
Satiating Food Shapes
Printing food in certain shapes can trick people into eating less.
Recipe for Health: Mediterranean Chicken Tacos
This Mediterranean-inspired dish is a heart-healthy option for taco night.
All I Want for Christmas Is . . . Less Sugar cec
Too much sugar is bad news—not just for waistlines, but also for mental health.
Taming Temptation at Grocery Stores
Berkeley bans junk food at the grocery checkout.
Diet and Exercise During Pregnancy Pays Off
Both mom and baby can benefit from a pregnancy lifestyle intervention program.
Better COVID-19 Outcomes With Zinc cec
Research associates zinc levels with COVID-19 outcomes.
Being Upfront About Nutrition
Front-of-package nutrition labels make foods healthier.
Burning Fat After a Meal
Post-meal changes in body temperature differ between normal and overweight people.
Stricter Nutrition Standards Get a Passing Grade
Study links better school nutrition policies with lower obesity risk.
Should We Be Fueling Our Intervals?
Research shows you can HIIT it hard without the carbs.
More Folate Now, Less Diabetes Later cec
Folate linked to lower risk of diabetes.