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Fitness Journal Sprint
– august 2020

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Compound Lower-Body Exercises Build More Strength cec
Add more squats and lunges for maximal strength gains.
Researchers Recommend Exercise During the Pandemic
More experts promote exercise, particularly for older adults, to boost immune defenses.
Reopening Playbook for the Fitness Industry
Expert recommendations include enhanced safety measures, hygiene and education.
Brain Fitness Versus Physical Fitness for Healthy Aging cec
Scientists examine what comes first: physical or cognitive fitness.
Protect Your Virtual Fitness Business
Don’t put remote clients’ information at risk.
Prenatal Exercise Promotes Healthy Circulation
Training during pregnancy may reduce high blood pressure risks.
Women in Menopause Benefit From Physical Activity cec
Higher life satisfaction, less depression and more positivity are linked with more exercise.
Least Fit Have Most Challenge With Weight Loss
Adults who are more fit lost twice as much weight in a long-term study.
Not Training to Muscle Failure May Enhance Muscle Endurance cec
Training strategy needs to match training objectives.
Your Workout Wear Is the Next New Wearable cec
Sensors embedded in fabric can measure heart rate and more.
August 2020 Question of the Month: Outdoor Workouts During COVID-19
Share your experience with outdoor workouts during the pandemic.
15-Minute Activity Break for Kids
Self-paced outdoor breaks help children.
CPR Modifications in a Pandemic
Hands-only CPR is an option.