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Fitness Journal Sprint
– april 2020

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Group Exercise Instructors Make an Impact cec
Leadership style that builds community can boost attendance.
Women and Strength Training cec
Frequency is a key factor for women.
Who Benefits Most From Visualization Training?
People with natural kinesthetic imagery skills benefit more from imagining exercises.
The Best Way to Use Ice Baths
New research shows that cold-water immersion inhibits muscle repair.
Overtraining Tires Mind and Body cec
Too much physical training can adversely affect decision-making.
Any Amount of Running Boosts Health cec
Running is linked with lower death risks from all causes.
Exercise and Longevity for Women
High cardiovascular fitness is linked with lower death risks.
Fitness for People With Fibromyalgia
High fitness levels are linked with benefits.
Yoga Boosts Brain Fitness cec
Practice alters brain structure and function.
Children Are Less Active Worldwide
Youth of all ages are at risk for inactivity.
Skip Anti-Bacterial Mouthwash After Workouts
Oral bacteria play a role in regulating blood pressure after exercise.