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Fitness Journal Sprint
– april 2020

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Chili Peppers for Heart Health?
Research may support the claims of people who love heat and spice.
Mobile Apps Aid Weight Loss
Mobile phones, apps and behavior change are good partners.
Online Nutrition Searches Follow Food Trends
Peer-reviewed studies shed light on questions and claims about food.
That Half-Full Glass Tilts Toward Better Eating
Research shows that optimists eat better than pessimists.
Cooking Shows Educate Kids on How to Eat Better
Teaching children how to cook may increase their odds of making healthy eating choices.
Recipe for Health: Mushroom-Quinoa Curry Burgers
Step into spring with this delicious meatless burger.
Physical Activity in Youth Leads to More Veggies in Adulthood cec
A long-term study shows that positive habits age well.
The Med Diet Stands the Test of Time cec
Success rates for weight loss climb with the eating pattern you can stick to.
Fresh Food and Vegetables Appear in Schools cec
It took a law, but snacking choices got smarter.
Lifestyle and Longevity Go Hand in Hand cec
Once again, the big five lifestyle choices help counteract chronic diseases.
Good News for Whole Grains
Diet quality has improved, but much more needs to be done.
Popular Weight Loss Strategies Stand the Test of Time
Diet and exercise are top methods for losing weight, but people want to lose even more.
For Better or Worse, Social Media Friends Influence Food Choices
Survey: Peers say it is okay to eat junk food—or veggies.